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Rising damp is an unsightly form of damp that can affect not only your Cambridge property but in extreme cases can affect the health of the residents if left untreated. Call SE Damp Solutions today to ensure the damp is dealt with as soon as possible.

More common in older Cambridge properties where the original damp proof course may fail over time, rising damp can lead to the breakdown of the wall plaster resulting in damaged internal structures such as plasterboard, skirting boards and walls.

Is Rising Damp a Problem for Cambridge residents?

Although a relatively slow process, rising damp can eventually damage wall plaster and could potentially affect the overall structure of your Cambridge property if not adequately treated. This could lead to timber decay and other forms of damp, leading to a costly repair bill.

How to diagnose Rising Damp

Different forms of damp have different characteristics. It can be difficult to identify which type of damp may be affecting your Cambridge property. If you suspect you have a rising damp issue, there are some visual clues you can use to help identify the issue prior to you contacting SE Damp Solutions to get further confirmation.  These include:

  • Bubbled and cracked Plaster
  • Wall feels damp to touch
  • Stains and watermarks on the wall
  • Flaky/peeling wallpaper or paint
  • Rotting floorboards


The best way to treat rising damp is to repair the existing Damp Proof Course or install a new one. The process involves drilling holes in the wall to inject a damp proof membrane into it, followed by replacement of any damaged plaster.

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All forms of damp come with their own range of issues. Rising damp can cause a variety of problems, including health issues, heat loss and damage to timbers. To learn more about these problems and how to combat them, click below.

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For an in-depth rising damp survey of your property or simply to talk to one of our Cambridge damp proofing specialists, call us on 01223 640809.

Cambridge Rising Damp Problems

Cambridge Rising Damp Health Problems

If rising damp is not properly dealt with or fixed at the time of discovery, it can go from being a minor eye-sore to seriously harming the health of residents living in the Cambridge property.

Cambridge Residents exposed to rising damp environments can suffer a host of respiratory sicknesses, from asthma to lung infections, being particularly dangerous for babies, children or for those who already suffer from air-bound allergies or asthma.


Rising Damp Property Damages

Besides the damages to personal health that rising damp can cause, it is also extremely damaging to the properties structure. Many damp conditions affect the timbers, which in older properties can form up to 75% of the structure, an integral part of the building.

While minor mould patches or a little moisture in the home might not seem like a big issue, damp is a problem that can grow behind the scenes and lead to other, more damaging, conditions including wood rot.


Wood Rot is a serious issue, it will cause the decay and degradation of any timber it comes into contact with. Wood Rot can result in structural integrity problems for properties if the wood is left untreated.

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Improper plumbing and drainage, faulty gutter work, floods and condensation of warm air against a cold wall can result in rising damp problems in the home. Contact us to find a solution to your rising damp!

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Understanding the difference between the types of damp can be challenging. Our trained specialists can help you diagnose your damp issues and suggest the best solution for your property.

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If you have diagnosed a rising damp problem in your Cambridge property you will have a couple of different treatment solutions available.

Rising Damp Treatment options include methods such as chemical injection and electro-osmotic treatment. Our suggested rising damp solution will be decided on the appropriate treatment for your type of Cambridge property and your budget.


Treating Rising Damp in Cambridge

Prior to starting treatment on the affected rising damp area, the first step is to identify the cause of the rising damp. Without finding and resolving the cause there is a high possibility that any rising damp treatment will fail.

If you’re unsure as to what the rising damp cause may be, we suggest giving SE Damp Solutions a call, our professional Cambridge damp specialists will be able to diagnose and treat any damp issues you may have, including Rising Damp. Please call us on 01223 640809 to arrange a rising damp survey.

Rising Damp Treatment Options

Once we have established the cause of the rising damp problem, there are a few different treatment options available, depending on the property type, age, and budget.

Chemical Injection Treatment:

One of the more common rising damp treatments is called chemical injection. It is a highly reliable form of treatment and is often the quickest and most cost-effective rising damp treatment.

Chemical injection uses water repellent technology to form a barrier through the wall masonry by lining the capillaries with a chemical, preventing any moisture from rising. Holes are drilled into the affected walls (depending on the thickness) and the rising damp chemical injection solution disperses into the wall.

Electro-Osmotic System:

If the standard chemical injection treatment is not suitable for your property, an alternative solution can be to use an Electro-Osmotic System.

Electric Osmotic Systems use a small electronic charge, reversing the process of rising damp by repelling the rising water from the wall and back into the ground, allowing the walls to stay dry. The main benefit here is there are no chemicals being used, drilling on the outside of the property is also kept to a minimum.

For more information about our Rising Damp treatments or to book a Damp Survey, call us on 01223 640809.

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